PhD position in Quantum Physics

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Nanoscience Laboratory
15 July, 2020


Nanoscience Laboratory, Department of Physics
via Sommarive 14
Povo (Trento) 38123

Twin photons and single photon entanglement for QRNG and QCD

Based on an integrated silicon light source the PhD will elaborate two different devices, which are instrumental for quantum security and quantum communication. These are quantum random number generators and quantum key distribution set-up. The activity will be carried out within the European project Qrange ( and the Italy-India collaboration with prof. U Sinha ( The generation of random numbers plays a crucial role in many applications in science. It can be used for simulation and cryptography. It is of fundamental importance that the generated numbers are truly random and due to a quantum process, as any deviation may adversely affect modelling or jeopardize security. The aim of this PhD is to develop and test a on-chip quantum photonic scheme of QRNG based on single particle entanglement ( and quantum entropy measurements. In addition, to make secure a communication protocol between two parties, quantum mechanics is used to exchange an encryption keys, this scheme is called quantum key distribution (QKD). The second aim of the PhD is to develop and test a scheme of QKD based on single photon entanglement where the developed source will be used on the Indian quantum key distribution on fiber test-bed.

The PhD student will join a team of physicist, mathematician and computer scientists. For information and preliminary interview contact prof. Pavesi (email lorenzo [dot] pavesi [at] unitn [dot] it)

Starting 1 november 2020- 3 years – call published middle june - info at