SQR Technologies

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SQR Technologies is a young and dynamic startup in preparation since 2007 and founded in 2010. It is a spinoff of the ULB's Centre for Quantum Information and Communication. SQR specializes in hardware security for datacenters with the mission to develop the next platform of cloud security solutions by exploiting the laws of quantum physics. 

SQR Technologies has developed the first ultra-fast quantum random number generator delivering up to 4 Giga random bits per seconds. SQR's generator can distribute random numbers throughout the datacenter at unprecedented speeds. Whether combined with dedicated hardware or webserver software, SQR's solution offers the perfect alternative to traditional SSL methods, providing datacenters with faster and safer SSL encryption at an affordable cost, all the while increasing overall flexibility and scalability. 


SQR Technologies SPRL
Ave. F. D. Roosevelt, 50
50° 48' 53.0928" N, 4° 22' 54.426" E
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