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The commercial activity of SCONTEL is based on the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of the hot-electron phenomena in ultra-thin superconducting films and its application to practical superconducting devices, such as HEB detectors and mixers, and single-photon detectors. SCONTEL uses the established unique technologies for fabricating ultra-thin superconducting films and nanostructures.

SCONTEL designs, fabricates, and sells the unique cryogenically cooled devices based on thin film superconducting nanostructures, such as: Single photon receivers of visible and infrared wavelengths with picosecond response time, high quantum efficiency, and extra low dark counts; Fast receivers for far and mid-infrared wave range (THz range).


5/22-1 Rossolimo Str.
55° 44' 10.0572" N, 37° 35' 2.5944" E
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