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Our innovations lead developments in communications, automation, discovery, healthcare and the environment.

  • RF power solutions for: defence electronic countermeasures, radiotherapy cancer treatment machines, Radar systems, Stellar satellite communications amplifiers, Industrial heating, Cargo screening, ProWave® Industrial processing systems, missile control safety and arming devices and digital television transmitters.
  • High performance imaging solutions including CCD and CMOS sensors and cameras, for space and earth observation imaging, science and life science imaging, machine vision, ophthalmology and dental x-ray systems and fire, rescue and security thermal imaging.
  • Hi-rel semiconductor solutions for aerospace and defence programmes requiring: lifecycle management, hi-rel microprocessors, high speed data converters, high reliability ICs with lifetime continuity of supply, assembly and test services and MRAMs.


106 Waterhouse Lane
United Kingdom
51° 45' 57.2688" N, 0° 40' 2.5212" E
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