Superconducting Hybrids for quantum life @ UNINA & CNR-SPIN

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Superconducting quantum hybrids and conversion of 'unconventional' into quantum devices


  • Josephson junctions, quantum interferomters and superconducting circuits employing various superconductors Al, NbN, Nb, YBCO
  • Hybrid Josephson junctions with ferromagnetic, semiconducting, graphene and topological insulator barriers 
  • Macroscopic quantum effects in hybrids and unconventional Josepshon junctions 
  • Low-power qubit readout and control circuits


Francesco Tafuri


Dipartimento di Fisica, Complesso Universitario Monte Sant'Angelo
Via Cintia
Naples 80126
Phone: 39-081-676248
40° 50' 46.4676" N, 14° 11' 14.55" E
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