Quantum simulation and quantum sensing with ultracold atoms at INO-Pisa

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There are three experiments devoted to quantum simulation and sensing. Two (Dy and sensing) are located at the CNR Research Area and one (Ryd) at the Department of Physics. The Dy experiment is a collaboration between INO in Pisa and LENS in Sesto Fiorentino.

Quantum degenerate dipolar gas of dysprosium atoms

A. Fioretti, C. Gabbanini, S. Gozzini, E. Lucioni, J. Catani, G. Modugno



Tomography and Magnetometry with ultra-cold Rb atoms

C. Gabbanini, A. Fioretti, S. Gozzini

in collaboration with L. Marmugi and F. Renzoni (University College London)


Quantum simulators based on ultra-cold Rydberg atoms

O. Morsch, D. Ciampini, E. Arimondo


Oliver Morsch, Carlo Gabbanini, Andrea Fioretti


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