workshop Nanoscale Quantum Optics

2014-06-02 - 2014-06-06
Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to announce that registration is open for the workshop `Nanoscale Quantum Optics', to be held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, the Netherlands, 2-6 June 2014.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss how quantum optics emerges at the nanoscale by bringing together leading experts and junior scientists from the nanophotonics/metamaterials/plasmonics community (control of light generation and propagation on the nanoscale), and that of traditional quantum optics (quantum light sources and quantum measurements). Topics include Metamaterials, Loss and Open Quantum Systems, Nanoscale Atom-Field Interactions, Single-Plasmonics and Entanglement.

Key questions:

1. How is spontaneous emission and atom-photon coupling modified by nanoscale field confinement?

2. How to describe stimulated emission in nanostructures and nanolasers?

3. Is there a need for new quantum optics theory at subwavelength length scales and how to explore this?

All participants are encouraged to bring a poster. A small number of contributed talks will be selected by the organizers.

For more information and for registration, please visit the workshop website.

We look forward to seeing you in Leiden!

Michiel de Dood, Andrea Fiore, and Martijn Wubs

(workshop organizers)


Lorentz Center@Oort venue
Niels Bohrweg 2
Leiden NL-2333 CA
52° 10' 7.7844" N, 4° 27' 29.3148" E
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