Spin Orbit Entanglement: Exotic States of Quantum Matter in Electronic Systems

2013-07-15 - 2013-08-02
Dresden, Germany

It has become increasingly appreciated in recent years that entirely new states of matter can be formed
which originate from the entanglement of spin and orbital degrees of freedom. Beyond the prominent
example of topological band insulators, this motif has repeated itself across a variety of underlying electronic
states resulting e.g. in the emergence of skyrmion lattices in the chiral metal MnSi, multiferroics,
or unconventional Mott physics in 5d transition metal oxides such as the Iridates. The aim of this program
is to further deepen our understanding of spin-orbit induced phenomena, to explore new directions
in material science, and provide an opportunity for young researchers to immerse themselves in
this rapidly developing field.


51° 3' 1.4724" N, 13° 44' 14.1432" E
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