SOLID Fall Workshop:- Interfacing solid state QIP systems

2010-10-07 - 2010-10-08
Walter Schottky Institut, Technical University of Munich


The first fall workshop of "SOLID" will take place at the campus of the Technical University of Munich, Germany, from October 7th  to October 8th 2010. The event is jointly organized by SOLID and the Munich Research Centers (Cooperative Research Center 631 and the Cluster of Excellence NIM).  This meeting will bring together about 100 scientists, working on solid state quantum information systems both in theory and experiment.  

Scientific focus and format

The scientific focus of the workshop will be placed on interfacing of different types of qubits in order to work towards the development of hybrid quantum systems that combine the very best properties of different physical qubit implementations. Using the systems investigated in workpackages 1 - 3, the aim of the workshop will be to explore the potential to combine different solid state QIP systems. The major benefit of this approach would be to combine the long coherence times available in solid-stated microscopic quantum NV systems with the strong interactions and integration and control possibilities available in macroscopic JJ and QD systems. The ultimate challenge of this approach is to transfer entanglement between the microwave and optical photonics worlds in order to open the way toward long-distance communication between solid-state hybrid devices.  An important application of hybrid systems is undoubtedly the memory function, for which many of the existing solid state qubits do not provide good solutions. In contrast microscopic systems that are more weakly coupled to the outside world, have a greater potential.
The workshop will take place over two days, include several tutorial talks for students and postdocs by internationally leading experts with technical presentations, aiming to promote an intensive discussion of the progress and trends in solid state based quantum information processing. This includes the physical and latest results pertaining to JJ, QD and NV qubits as well as hardware concepts and their implementation and topical issues such as circuit QED and ultrastrong coupling.  We also plan to host a poster session and one round table discussion involving members of SOLID and local scientists working in the field.


Please download the scientific program for the SOLID fall workshop 2010 here.

Important information for the authors: Depending on your allotted time slot, please prepare for a 25min talk (+5min discussion) or a 13min talk (+2min discussion). Posters should be printed in portrait format A0 (841×1189mm).

Travel Information

Please download a leaflet with information about hotels and the workshop venue here.


Local organisation rudolph [at] wsi [dot] tum [dot] de (subject: SOLID%20Fall%20Workshop) (Daniel Rudolph) (WSI, TUM),

finley [at] wsi [dot] tum [dot] de (subject: SOLID%20Fall%20Workshop) (Jonathan Finley )(TUM, Munich),

goran [dot] wendin [at] chalmers [dot] se (subject: SOLID%20Fall%20Workshop) (Göran Wendin) (Chalmers), 



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