Quantum Simulations Workshop

2015-02-22 - 2015-02-27
Registration deadline: 
2014-12-14 (All day)
Benasque, Spain

The organizers of the "Benasque Workshop on Quantum Simulations" are pleased to announce the 4th edition of our workshop, to take place in Benasque, Spain, from February 22nd until February 27th, 2015. You can find detailed information on our website: http://www.benasque.org/2015qs/ There, you find all information to apply for contributed talk, poster presentation, or just attendance. Partial financial support is available, with students and postdocs given priority. Any additional information can be obtained by writing to info [at] benasque [dot] org. This is the fourth Workshop on Quantum Simulations including Benasque 2011, Bilbao 2012, and Benasque 2013 each of them highly interdisciplinary with about 150 young and senior participants. As in previous years, The goal of the Workshop is to gather the leading scientists in theory and experiment on quantum simulations with an open interdisciplinary scope. Quantum simulation consist in the reproduction of a quantum dynamics, difficult to access and study naturally, using an engineered quantum system that is more controllable theoretically and experimentally. Major goals include calculating and predicting physics that cannot be done with classical computers, for instance, in biomolecules, quantum field theories, and complex quantum materials. Quantum simulation is an emerging branch of quantum computing that promises practical applications on a timescale significantly shorter that general purpose quantum computing. Quantum simulations is intrinsically eclectic, including fundamentals in physics and quantum information, quantum optics (photonics, trapped ions, optical lattices, BEC), condensed-matter (quantum dots, superconducting qubits, circuit QED), quantum chemistry, quantum field theory and even quantum biomimetics. When we organized the first workshop in 2011, Quantum Simulation was a small field on the fringes of quantum information science. In the mean time, Quantum Simulation has moved to the center, becoming a prominent part of the quantum information landscape. We hope that Quantum Simulation 2015 will help maintain this momentum for this growing and important field. Christopher Wilson (Waterloo) Main Organizer Göran Johansson (Gothenburg) Main Organizer Immanuel Bloch (Garching) Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler (Mainz) Enrique Solano (Bilbao)


42° 36' 15.4296" N, 0° 31' 22.1844" E
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