Quantum Many Body Systems out of Equilibrium

2013-08-12 - 2013-08-30
Dresden, Germany

The last half-decade has witnessed an explosion of activity and interest in non-equilibrium dynamics in collective quantum systems. The experimental context is predominantly ultracold atomic gases, with a rapidly growing number of non-equilibrium experiments appearing each year. The field is complemented by new solid-state experimental possibilities such as ultrafast pump-probe experiments and controlled mesoscopic transport. At the same time, a growing community of theorists is developing new paradigms to address fundamental issues concerning quantum non-equilibrium situations.

This three-week programme will bring together researchers from these different communities to focus on non-equilibrium dynamics as a coherent field of study in its own right.

The program will include one `workshop' week (August 19-23) with a larger number of participants and shorter presentations, and two surrounding `seminar' weeks (August 12-16 and August 26-30) focused on informal discussions with a fewer number of longer talks.


Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
Nöthnitzer Strasse 38
Dresden 01187