FTQT2016: Fault-Tolerant Quantum Technologies

2016-08-14 - 2016-08-27
Registration deadline: 
2016-03-14 (All day)
Benasque, Spain

Fault-Tolerant Quantum Technologies
14th-27th August 2016, Benasque, Spain.

A two week conference on Fault-Tolerant Quantum Technologies held at the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual in Benasque, Spain. The workshop will host a small number of morning talks reporting the latest advances while providing ample free time for researchers to exchange ideas and strike up new collaborations.

Invited speakers include (alphabetically):
- Hector Bombin (Copenhagen, Denmark)
- Sergey Bravyi (IBM, USA)
- Steve Flammia (Sydney, Australia) TBC
- Jay Gambetta (IBM, USA)
- Krysta Svore (Microsoft, USA)
- Barbara Terhal (Aachen, Germany)

The programme will consist of a limited number of contributed talks. These talks are intended to guide discussions and interactions, with most of the meeting being unscheduled and reserved for collaboration.

Register at http://benasque.org/2016ftqt/ before 14th April 2016 to get early bird discount.

For general enquiries contact: ftqtbenasque [at] gmail [dot] com
Conference poster for download: http://tinyurl.com/p2cmpsj


42° 36' 15.4296" N, 0° 31' 22.1844" E
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