7th Central European Quantum Information (CEQIP 2010)

Valtice, Czech Republic

we would like to invite you to participate at 7th Central European Quantum Information
Processing (CEQIP) which will be held from June 3-6, 2010 in Czech Republic (Valtice).

For more information about the meeting browse to web site http://www.quniverse.org/ceqip/

The deadline for abstract submission is 19.4.2010, but the sooner the better.  Applications will be
considered (almost) continuously and acceptance will be delivered at latest on 26.4.2010.

CEQIP workshops are focused on current challenges and paradigms of quantum information processing.
They are known for their friendly and relaxed atmosphere, thus, providing an open environment for informal exchange of scientific ideas. Invited speakers are presenting lecture-type talks, which are of interest for young
researchers. So far, the invitation was accepted and confirmed by:

Caslav Brukner (Wien, Austria)
Richard Jozsa (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Simon Perdrix (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Renato Renner (Zurich, Switzerland)
Andreas Winter (Singapore & Bristol, United Kingdom)

Looking forward to see you in CEQIP 2010,

ps: please redistribute this information among your students and colleagues.


Czech Republic
48° 44' 26.484" N, 16° 45' 17.9784" E
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