2013 Workshop On Quantum Simulations With Trapped Ions (iQSim 13)

2013-12-16 - 2013-12-19
Registration deadline: 
2013-09-12 (All day)
Brighton, England

As part of the COST network IOTA, we are organising the ‘2013 Workshop On Quantum Simulations With Trapped Ions (iQSim 13)’ to be held in Brighton, England, 16-19 December 2013 (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/amo/iqsim13/) which is intended to start a biennial workshop series on quantum simulations with trapped ions.

Trapped ions are an extremely powerful system for the implementation of quantum simulations and the next few years will likely see groundbreaking progress in this field. In this workshop we will discuss the following key elements:
- Experimental implementations of quantum simulations with trapped ions
- Theoretical ideas for quantum simulations with trapped ions
- Architectures for quantum simulations with trapped ions
- Entanglement generation and coherent evolution in trapped ion quantum simulators.

The following have accepted invitations to give talks: Michael Biercuk, The University of Sydney (Australia), Sougato Bose, UCL London (UK), Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll, Instituto de Fisica Fundamental (Spain), Philipp Hauke, University of Innsbruck (Austria), Jungsang Kim, Duke University (US), Tanja Mehlstaeubler, PTB (Germany), Didi Leibfried, NIST (US), Roee Ozeri, Weizmann Institute (Israel), Martin Plenio, Ulm University (Germany), Alex Retzker, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Phil Richerme, University of Maryland (US), Christian Roos, University of Innsbruck (Austria) (to be confirmed), Tobias Schaetz, University of Freiburg (Germany), Rene Gerritsma, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany), Danny Segal, Imperial College (UK), Nikolay Vitanov, Sofia University (Bulgaria), Christof Wunderlich, University of Siegen (Germany)

We are very excited about this meeting. The venue is first-class in terms of accommodation, catering and conference facilities. It is easy to get to by rail and air (only 30 minutes from Gatwick airport and 2h from Heathrow) and we are sure that the general atmosphere will be conducive to an extremely productive and stimulating meeting.

We have a small number of places left at this workshop (the total number of attendees is capped at 45) and we invite applications for the remaining places. The registration fee is highly subsidized at £100 including all meals and the conference trip. Accommodation will be available at a specially negotiated rate of £64 per night at the conference venue, a 4* hotel on Brighton beach. There may also be limited support available to cover hotel costs. Please indicate if you wish to be considered for that. While the speakers have been finalized, we will have two poster sessions and ask for contributed posters. Please send your poster abstract to Winfried Hensinger (w [dot] k [dot] hensinger [at] sussex [dot] ac [dot] uk) no later than September 11. We will announce on September 12 whether your application is successful.

Yours sincerely
Winfried Hensinger

Winfried Hensinger
Diego Porras
(Organising committee)

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