QIPC Roadmap - Archive

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This page collects old versions of the QIPC Roadmap. Outdated versions are archived in pdf format only, see the attachments to this page.

The current version of the Roadmap is maintained on-line on a separate page.

roadmap-v-1.8.pdf1.66 MB
roadmap-v-1.7.pdf1.64 MB
roadmap-v-1.6.pdf784.7 KB
roadmap-v-1.5.pdf783.18 KB
roadmap-v-1.4.pdf842.59 KB
roadmap-v-1.3.pdf10.13 MB
roadmap-v-1.2.pdf990.55 KB
roadmap-v-1.1.pdf1.36 MB
roadmap-v-1.0.pdf1.34 MB