16.20.Sr Electron spin resonance

Coherent properties of single rare-earth spin qubits


P. Siyushev, K. Xia, R. Reuter, M. Jamali, N. Zhao, N. Yang, C. Duan, N. Kukharchyk, A. D. Wieck, R. Kolesov, J. Wrachtrup


Nature Communications 5, (2014)

Rare-earth-doped crystals are excellent hardware for quantum storage of optical information. Additional functionality of these materials is added by their waveguiding properties allowing for on-chip photonic networks. However, detection and coherent properties of rare-earth single-spin qubits have not been demonstrated so far. Here, we present experimental results on high-fidelity optical initialization, effcient coherent manipulation, and optical readout of a single electron spin of Ce$^{3+}$ ion in a YAG crystal.

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