15.10.Ie Ions: electronic states

A trapped-ion local field probe


G. Huber, F. Ziesel, U.G. Poschinger, K. Singer, F. Schmidt-Kaler
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 100, 725 (2010)

We introduce a measurement scheme that utilizes a single ion as a local field probe. The ion is confined in a segmented Paul trap and shuttled around to reach different probing sites. By the use of a single atom probe, it becomes possible characterizing fields with spatial resolution of a few nm within an extensive region of millimeters. We demonstrate the scheme by accurately investigating the electric fields providing the confinement for the ion. For this we present all theoretical and practical methods necessary to generate these potentials.

Quantum gate in the decoherence-free subspace of trapped-ion qubits


P. Ivanov, U.G. Poschinger, K. Singer, F. Schmidt-Kaler
Europhysics Letters 92, 30006 (2010)

We propose a geometric phase gate in a decoherence-free subspace with trapped ions. The quantum information is encoded in the Zeeman sublevels of the ground-state and two physical qubits to make up one logical qubit with ultra long coherence time. Single- and two-qubit operations together with the transport and splitting of linear ion crystals allow for a robust and decoherence-free scalable quantum processor. For the ease of the phase gate realization we employ one Raman laser field on four ions simultaneously, i.e. no tight focus for addressing.

Trapped ions as quantum bits: Essential numerical tools (Colloquium)


K. Singer, U. Poschinger, M. Murphy, P. Ivanov, F. Ziesel, T. Calarco, F. Schmidt-Kaler


Rev. Mod. Phys. 82, 2609 (2010)

Trapped laser-cooled atoms and ions are quantum systems which can be experimentally controlled with an as yet unmatched degree of precision. Due to the control of the motion and the internal degrees of freedom, these quantum systems can be adequately described by a well-known Hamiltonian. In this colloquium, powerful numerical tools for the optimization of the external control of the motional and internal states of trapped neutral atoms, explicitly applied to the case of trapped laser-cooled ions in a segmented ion-trap are presented.

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