Workshop "Frontiers of Interacting Systems of Rydberg Atoms", ITAMP Cambridge, 06/2017

Talk by Johannes Zeiher, "Coherent many-body dynamics in Rydberg-dressed spin chains"

Workshop "Quantum state engineering", Hannover, 03/2017

Talk by Christian Gross, "Collapse and revival dynamics in Rydberg dressed spin chains"

Workshop "Quantum Dynamics From Models to Materials", Aspen, 01/2017

Talk by Christian Gross, "Exploring Many-Body Dynamics at the Single Atom Level"

Workshop "Desinging Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium", KITP Santa Barbara 11/2016

Talk by Christian Gross: "Exploring Non-Equilibrium Many-Body Dynamics at the Single Atom Level"

Coherent Many-Body Spin Dynamics in a Long-Range Interacting Ising Chain


Johannes Zeiher, Jae-yoon Choi, Antonio Rubio-Abadal, Thomas Pohl, Rick van Bijnen, Immanuel Bloch, and Christian Gross


Phys. Rev. X 7, 041063 (2017)

Coherent many-body quantum dynamics lies at the heart of quantum simulation and quantum computation. Both require coherent evolution in the exponentially large Hilbert space of an interacting many-body system. To date, trapped ions have defined the state of the art in terms of achievable coherence times in interacting spin chains. Here, we establish an alternative platform by reporting on the observation of coherent, fully interaction-driven quantum revivals of the magnetization in Rydberg-dressed Ising spin chains of atoms trapped in an optical lattice.

Workshop ’Correlation and Order in Rydberg Gases’, Lorentz Center Leiden, Netherlands, 31 May 2016

talk by Christiane Koch (UNIKASSEL): "Quantum optimal control of Rydberg dynamics"

Interview Servaas Kokkelmans on quantum technology

Servaas Kokkelmans, joint discussion meeting associated to the VPRO TV sho

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