Q-Essence Oxford Session: agenda update


 Updated agenda for the Q-Essence session on the 8th of July / Oxford.

 Please find the updated version of agenda in the attachment.



Q-ESSENCE support of mobilities and scientific meetings.

Q-ESSENCE has allocated a budget for support of mobilities (students/postdocs) and scientific meetings (conferences, workshops, schools) .

3rd International Summer School of the SFB/TRR21, Blaubeuren, 3-5.10.2010


University of Ulm is a coorganizer of the 3rd International Summer School of the SFB/TRR21 "Control of Quantum Correlations in Tailored Matter", Heinrich-Fabri-Haus, Blaubeuren, October 3rd-5th 2010. 

The SFB TRR21 located in Stuttgart, Ulm and Tübingen, invites all interested parties to attend its 3rd annual summer school in Heinrich-Fabri-Haus, Blaubeuren, October 3rd-5th 2010. The topics this year are "quantum effects in biology", "quantum tomography and sensing" and "hybrid quantum systems". Please contact Michael Hellwig (Michael [dot] Hellwig [at] uni-ulm [dot] de) for further information.

Quantiki Video Abstracts


QVA - brief video abstracts to recent papers on the arXiv.

The purpose of Quantiki Video Abstracts is to provide brief video abstracts to recent papers on the arXiv. The abstracts provide a "teaser" for the paper and should guide the audience into your work, emphasizing what you think is the most important result. Everybody is welcome to contribute.

Q-Essence Consortium Session


Attendance in the Q-Essence Consortium Session, 8th of July, Oxford.


Please state your attendance in the Q-Essence Consortium Session on the 8th of July in Oxford at 


The agenda for the meeting can be found in the document attached.

FP6 and FP7 QIP Open Day

Wadham College, Oxford, UK

This will be a session open to all members of the QIP research community. The Program includes both European and non-European speakers and representatives of the European Commission.

Unitary circuits for strongly correlated fermions

2010-05-28 - 2010-06-01

Carlos Pineda, Thomas Barthel, and Jens Eisert
Phys. Rev. A 81, 050303(R) (2010)

We introduce a scheme for efficiently describing pure states of strongly correlated fermions in higher dimensions using unitary circuits featuring a causal cone. A local way of computing local expectation values is presented. We formulate a dynamical reordering scheme, corresponding to time-adaptive Jordan-Wigner transformation, that avoids nonlocal string operators. Primitives of such a reordering scheme are highlighted. Fermionic unitary circuits can be contracted with the same complexity as in the spin case.

Oxford FP6 and FP7 meeting


Oxford FP6 and FP7 meeting registration open.

Q-Essence project will have its session during the FP6 and FP7 QIP Open Day + FP6 IP Cluster Review that takes place on 6-8 July at Wadham College, Oxford, UK. The registration for the event is now open.

Quantum information theory

Research Type: 

  • quantum information theory
  • quantum optical implementations of quantum information ideas
  • quantum many-body theory

Jens Eisert

Quantum Information, University of Leeds

Research Type: 
  • Quantum Information Theory and Computation (Beige, Dunningham, Kendon, Pachos, Spiller)
  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (Dunningham, Beige, Spiller)
  • Optical and Solid State Implementations (Beige, Pachos, Spiller)
  • Bose Einstein Condensation (Dunningham, Pachos, Spiller)
  • Topological Quantum Computation (Pachos)
  • Quantum Simulations and Transport (Kendon)
  • Quantum Cryptography (Razavi, Spiller, Beige)
  • Quantum Communication Networks (Razavi)
Tim Spiller
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