Call for proposals to organize the bi-annual QIPC conference

2013-11-12 - 2014-02-02

In accordance with the EU ICT Programme, QUTE-EUROPE is currently inviting outstanding proposals for the bi-annual QIPC conference to be held in 2015.

QUTE-EUROPE (Quantum Technologies for Europe) is an FP7 Coordination and Support Action project that aims at coordinating or supporting research activities and policies at the European level towards a unified, open, and strong community in QIPC (Quantum Information Processing and Communication) research in Europe.

QUTE-EUROPE kick-off meeting

Florence, Italy

The official kick-off meeting for QUTE-EUROPE will take place during the QIPC conference in Florence. The tentative time is Thursday, July 4. More details with the exact location will follow.

WP2 input to FET consultation


QUTE-EUROPE WP2 has contributed to a public consultation to identify directions for future technological research.

As part of their ongoing effort to chart and shape the evolving landscape of future and emerging technologies, FET have launched a public consultation to identify promising and potentially game-changing directions for future technological research. QUTE-EUROPE WP2 has submitted an idea regarding Quantum Technologies.

Web domain registered


The project has now its specific domain.

The official web domain for the QUTE-EUROPE project has been registered under http://qute-europe.eu/.


Sustainability of the QIPC field; position documents for National and EC level policy makers

Daniele Binosi

QUTE-EUROPE launched


The QUTE-EUROPE project has officially started today.

With the official start of the project, we will first set up the new web site under the qurope.eu umbrella. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us and leave us your feedback.

QUTE-EUROPE Grant Agreement signed


The QUTE-EUROPE Grant Agreement has been signed by the European Commission.

Now the partners need to sign their respective Accession Forms. The project is on track to commence on 1st of February!

Security and Quantum Information Group

Research Type: 

The Group carries out research and advanced scientific training activities in logic and computation with emphasis on the fields of information security and quantum computation and information. 



Amilcar Sernadas

Quantum Information, University of Leeds

Research Type: 
  • Quantum Information Theory and Computation (Beige, Dunningham, Kendon, Pachos, Spiller)
  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (Dunningham, Beige, Spiller)
  • Optical and Solid State Implementations (Beige, Pachos, Spiller)
  • Bose Einstein Condensation (Dunningham, Pachos, Spiller)
  • Topological Quantum Computation (Pachos)
  • Quantum Simulations and Transport (Kendon)
  • Quantum Cryptography (Razavi, Spiller, Beige)
  • Quantum Communication Networks (Razavi)
Tim Spiller
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