Signadyne is a young and fast-growing company specialized in control, test and measurement solutions. Signadyne focuses on high-performance real-time applications, empowering the technological capabilities of engineers and scientists worldwide.

Signadyne is a spin-off of ICFO -The Institute of Photonic Sciences, one of the world's most prestigious research centers in photonics. ICFO's cutting-edge research pushed Signadyne founders to develop disruptive high-performance technology, the basis for Signadyne product portfolio.

SQR Technologies


SQR Technologies is a young and dynamic startup in preparation since 2007 and founded in 2010. It is a spinoff of the ULB's Centre for Quantum Information and Communication. SQR specializes in hardware security for datacenters with the mission to develop the next platform of cloud security solutions by exploiting the laws of quantum physics. 

ID Quantique SA

id Quantique's focus is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions by leveraging the tremendous capabilities offered by Quantum Photonics. The company designs and manufactures hardware products serving two main markets: network security and optical instrumentation. id Quantique has a global leadership in shaping the evolution of network security. A recognized worldwide leader in the commercialization of Quantum Cryptography products, the company was first to bring this new technology to the market in 2001.

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