Photon Detection

Single Quantum

Single Quantum is located in Delft, the Netherlands. As a spin-off of the Technical University in Delft, we have strong connections with the latest innovations from the Zwiller lab.

Single Quantum develops and builds superconducting nanowire single photon detector systems for the most demanding applications.



The commercial activity of SCONTEL is based on the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of the hot-electron phenomena in ultra-thin superconducting films and its application to practical superconducting devices, such as HEB detectors and mixers, and single-photon detectors. SCONTEL uses the established unique technologies for fabricating ultra-thin superconducting films and nanostructures.

Photon Spot

Photon Spot specializes in fully-automated closed-cycle cryostats that deliver temperatures below 1K (-272ºC, -457ºF) without the consumption and running expense of liquid helium. Our cryostats are a cost-effective and straight-forward alternative to other technologies like ADRs or dilution fridges in situations where temperatures in the 0.8K - 1K range are desired for an experiment.


Founded in 2003, NuCrypt focuses on engineering problems at the interface of optics, electronics, and quantum phenomena.

National Physics Laboratory

NPL maintains a wide portfolio of internationally visible research programmes that advances measurement science, underpins the SI system and supports various cross-disciplinary technologies. in particular Quantum Photonics and Detection as well as Time and Frequency standards.

Micro Photon Devices (MPD)

Micro Photon Devices (MPD) is a dynamic production and engineering company founded in 2004 as spin-off of Politecnico di Milano and Microgate Srl; the former provides the efforts and expertise of a research group at Politecnico di Milano, led by Prof.

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